About Us
Son-D-Farms is a family owned and operated swine and grain business; we are located in Adrian, Minnesota.

Five brothers, Doug, Dale, Dean, Delbert, and David Bullerman, founded the operation in 1989. Before forming Son-D-Farms, the three oldest brothers acted as the main partners on 3-D Farms. Later, the family farm expanded to include the younger two brothers and became Son-D-Farms.
The operation has continued to grow over the years, and now the sons and daughters of the five brothers have become active within the farm. The gradual addition of new facilities has allowed us to increase the efficiency and safety of our business. Our family farm currently employs over 100 full time employees, in addition to offering an intern program for students.
Today, Son-D-Farms is known for the sense of responsibility shown by both the owners and employees. Not only do we take our task of raising healthy animals seriously, but we are also dedicated to our community. Driven by our faith, our family is involved in local schools and churches, desiring to show our neighbors the same respect and care we intend to extend to our employees. We’re constantly seeking to improve our business and are actively looking for ways to become better stewards of our time, our animals and our natural resources as we do our job of producing safe, high-quality pork and grain.
We recognize that it is our duty to demonstrate a commitment to responsible pork production by taking care of our pigs, natural resources, employees and communities. In doing so, we are committed to the We CareSM initiative.
Son-D-Farms is proud to be part of the unified legislative and regulatory voice for the U.S. pork industry by supporting the Minnesota Pork Producers Association and the National Pork Producers Council.